How to deal with a space invader? - ARTICLE

When you open up in the dating scene, all sorts of things can happen: you will tend to invite the men you want to connect to and those who step on your shoes on the dance floor.

You probably experienced this a few times: Having a drunken hero spilling his beer on your new pair of $400 suede boots.

What to do?

Breath deeply and respond with grace.

No need to be rude.

Give him a firm “back-off” signal.

If you need, use your two hands to bring him back to a distance where his nauseous breath can’t reach you.

If you want to have fun with flirting, you need two things: the skills to reach men and the skills to protect your space when needed.

You want to be able to shift gears any time and give a pushy men direct signals he must respect.

Your instincts show you the way.

Express your power when needed and dare to use your secret sword anytime you want to.

Develop strategies for any such situations.

If you feel drained by a situation, send a clear “No, thank you!” signal and make sure he hears it.