How to connect with a man you like - ARTICLE

You know the feeling right?

You have a crush or feel attraction towards a guy you know.

The next question which comes to your mind is:

What to do next?

The first step is to flirt; it is not to date.

Imagine: this man does not know you or maybe a little bit.

You want to warm up the connection that you have with him so that dating eventually appears like the next natural step.

In most situations, you can warm up the complicity and connection with him by establishing frequent contacts.

Saying “Hi” when you see him, being interested and smiling is sometimes all it takes to build up a connection.

Now, he will only decide to date you if you are number one in his mind.

This means that being simply nice is not good enough.

You want to manifest more qualities than that: you want to be sexy, fun, smart, exciting and attractive.

You can’t simply sit in front of him and manipulate his mind so that he loves you.

Luckily, this is not the way it works.

The dating world is authentic and when you connect with someone, it is truly because it is the best thing which can happen to both of you.

It is a true love connection.

The power aspect which surrounds your connection is related with your ability to compete and protect what you have.

Love, however is what creates attraction.

It is the core of your connection.

It is instinctual and your respond to each other because of a stream of energy flowing between the two of you.

The moment your flirt, chat or connect in any way, you swim in this river.

You play with the flow and simply open doors when you feel an opportunity showing up.

You have to take action but there are many ways you can take action: the first one is using purely your will power and the second is simply responding to opportunities which naturally come to you.

Suppose you have an occasion to have a chat with him, here is what you can say:

“Hi, so tell me about what you like in life… You seem pretty passionate about things and I wonder what is the force which drives you.”

This is a very specific question.

You ask him about what gives excitement to his life.

The moment you say this, you set up the course of what you will talk about: passion and excitement.

It is a perfect topic to start, right?

If he answers and says something like: “I love bikes! I ride at high speed in windy roads in the week ends with some mates”

You: “So, how does it make you feel when you are riding high speed on your bike?”

Him: “Whaou, it’s just this feeling of freedom and power! I love it! I feel alive!”

You can go deeper with that: “Is there anything else which makes you feel that way?”


You got it, right?

If you talk about his passions and he feels emotionally high when he is with you, he will want more of that for sure.

Imagine what would happen if you start a conversation about his problems at work or the latest political topic.

You would have focused on problems, challenges and tensions and created a negative mind space.

What he will remember from a 5 min chat with you is how he felt about himself when he was in your presence.

If he felt good, he will want to recapture this impression and do it again.

Now, this is not about creating a superficial feel good impression.

You can have the same type of interaction and tease him or challenge him.