How to challenge him - ARTICLE

If you make him feel too comfortable, he will not respond to you.

To keep on growing as a human being, he needs challenge.

He needs you to challenge him.

How do you do that?

  • Challenge his beliefs

When you notice that his way of thinking limits him in any way, dare to have an interactive and engaged discussion about what he thinks of given topic or situation.

You challenge him by asking him key questions about his beliefs and bringing to realize that there is more than what he sees.

  • Challenge his life style or habits

If the way he dresses is plain boring, open his eyes to the fashion world. Take him shopping and educate him on what would look good on him.

If needed, do the same with cooking, what he eats, his social circle, etc.

  • Challenge his emotions and the way he relates to you

If the way he relates to you does not satisfy you, show him the way and educate him on how to manifest passion fun and excitement in your date and what you share.

  • Break the ice and tease him

Emotional teasing is the best way to get him to stretch his limits. Don’t take him seriously. Make fun of some aspects of his personality. Swear at him playfully. Stretch his daily habits and comfort.

The moment you challenge a guy, you become a source of freshness and renewal in his life.

Deep inside, this is what he craves for.

He wants his life to keep on evolving but instead tends to build up walls with what he thinks he needs.

Your role as a date is to challenge his beliefs and emotional foundation.

You open new doors in his life.

Now, there is one golden rule for this to work: you need to be subtle and make sure that you challenge him on aspects of his life which really need improvement.

Suppose you date a man who is 40 something and has lots of life experience, he might already know exactly what he wants and needs from life.

Don’t miss the point.

Recognize the value of what he already has and see where he truly can take his life one step further.

This is one of the top qualities you can give to your connection with him: opening his eyes to aspects of life he was not aware of.

In other terms, you become a positive catalyst for change in his existence.

You are an agent of his own evolution.

This is the big picture.

Meeting you is a form of initiation.