How to break the ice - ARTICLE

You probably had this experience a dozen times:

You like a man.

When you have an occasion to share a moment with him, you either say nothing, or say something and feel really stupid about it.

You spend days wondering why you did not come with a smarter or funnier line.

I am sure you would agree if I say that breaking the ice is the number one challenge when flirting.

Is it okay to take the initiative?

Should you wait for him to initiate the contact?

What can you say when you approach him?

The trick is very simple:

Yes! It is okay to initiate the contact and approach him.

If you wait for a man to take the initiative, you could be waiting for long. So go for it.

Don’t try to hide the fact that you are flirting. It is okay to flirt and show him that you do in fact like him.

Be subtle of course. If you are too loud in your approach, you’ll turn him off.

Flirting is like dancing.

You follow the natural stream of your instincts.

Now, every time, you come closer to man, you need to break through his natural protections and find an opening.

Never be pushy, demanding or arrogant.

A bit of teasing is great.

You want to create synergy with the man you connect to.

Synergy means that you synchronize your energy and emotions.

You find a common ground.

This common ground can be slightly competitive.

Sentimentalism does not work.

The streets or social situations are very competitive environments.

The “micro partnership” that you create when you flirt must stand the waves of what happens around you.

You need a dimension of power in what you create together.

The best is to start on a neutral note:

“So, are you enjoying the party?”

After that, focus on building fun and teasing.

When you flirt, you need to have a clear picture of where you are going.

You are not directive but you are discriminative in what you want to create.

What is your goal?

Lightness, fun and complicity.

The teasing part is essential in breaking the ice. It establishes your connection with that man on a playful ground which is what flirting is first about.

When you move into a more seductive attitude, it is different: you bring in depth and desire. You consciously wake up his senses.

The idea of sex is much more present when you seduce. You project your emotions and desires forward.

There is more fire!

What is your style?

Are you playing “femme fatale” or are you keeping it light and open?

Flirting is definitely more innocent.

If you don’t know where to start, go first for the lightness of flirting.

Flirting is less challenging for a man.

You can easily establish complicity and fun without moving to the warmer ground of sensuality.

There is no commitment and no attachment involved in flirting.

You can flirt without guilt with different men in the same evening without betraying anyone.

Can you see how it works?

You are free and open to establish fun connections.