How to ask him out when you are having a chat - ARTICLE

You can apply the previous idea when you are having a chat face to face.

The key is to casually introduce the idea in the middle of a conversation as if this was the most natural thing to do.

Actually, it is, right?

Going for a drink is easy!

Be confident!

Watch out for your tone of voice (guys pick up on that and instantly feel it if you lack confidence)

Say something like:

“I am off and I need a drink! Want to join me!”


“There is this shop I need to visit, let me give you a lift – I need to choose a present for my nephew and I need you on that one”


“My friend Jane, just opened his new art exhibition – Let’s go and check it out!

Check in your own situation.

I am sure that within a minute, a couple of fun things you can take him to will come to mind.