How to ask him out casually - ARTICLE

Right now, you might already expect too much.

You believe that if he does not respond, it is the end of the world.

It isn't! Simply relax and give it a try.


You first flirt.

Then you have casual connections.

After that, have some light informal dates (Hi, want to come for drink?)

Then comes light intimacy


The asking out is usually a big step.

Now, you can take a smaller step by integrating this into the conversation or the connection you already have.

This asking out thing is always a bit awkward because in fact, it breaks the natural flirting rhythm and unveils everything at once.

It does not need to be that way.

You can shift the whole asking out thing and put it into a totally different perspective.

As you have a light chat with a guy, simply say something like:

"There is this movie showing up at 8pm, want to go and see it together?".

Don't think!

Just do it when the timing and the occasion is right and you feel he is "available".

It is not a big risk and if he says "I can't", do not worry, he might have other plans, be busy or simply not feel like it.

No problem!

Get the picture?

See how it works?

Give it a try!