Have the guts to tell him that you like him - ARTICLE

Take him down from this high altar in your mind. Bring him down to your level: he is a human being like you. So tease him and don't take him too seriously.

Don't ask him out. Instead focus on having a good time together. Step out of this "date" thing and focus on fun, flirting and excitement. Take the "formality" away! It's useless: you are going to share some fun with someone, that's it!

Lower your expectations.

What is the story in your mind?

"Could he be the one?", "What if?", "Shall I wait another day before calling him?" etc.

Dissolve these "scenarios" and focus on the moment right now! Break the rules and follow your instinct! They'll guide you to make the good moves.

If he does not get it, he's blind! Avoid sentimentalism and go in the "romantic dream" only when the link is already established.

The first step must be fun and complicity. Tell him you like him by sustaining eye contact (just a couple of seconds... don't stare) smile with your eyes. Slightly touch his arm at the right moment! Timing! Go with the flow! Take initiative!

Be fresh, alive and fun to be with.

Your presence is a gift!