Give them space to validate you - ARTICLE

There are hundreds of men waiting for just one thing: make you feel good about yourself.

Did you know that on a dating site, there is an average of 5 to 10 men for 1 woman.

Guys don't know that usually.

They will often sit at their computer waiting for women to take the initiative.

For women, it is the other way round.

As soon as you post a profile on line you start already receiving messages.

I know, I tried it out! (don’t tell anyone J)

I did register for a profile as a woman one time.

Before I had even finished posting the first line of my description, I already had a couple of messages in my inbox! I had not even posted a picture!

With a male profile, you can stay online for weeks or months and unless you take the initiative, nothing happens.

You, as a woman, if you check how many times your profile has been viewed after 3 months (let's say that you got 1000 views) you can be sure that a man only gets a small fraction of that (10 to 100 views).

This is good news for you!

Guys are waiting for women to join dating sites.

If a guy is slightly trained and aware of the dating game, he will seek one think: try to make you feel good about yourself.

Put it this way: he is competing with dozens of other men.

He has to find a way of standing out.

This is why he will try to go out of his way to offer you something special.

Spend time setting up your profile.

Get a really good shot of yourself and post it online (profiles with pictures get 10 times more responses).

After that, be discriminative.

Get rid of what you don't want, offends you, or disrespects you.

This is the next stage: mastering your inbox. Be tough on that one! Get rid of the insults! Keep the compliments.

I'm serious! If you get an offensive message, delete it straight away and block the sender!

That's it!

Your cyber space is your territory. Master it!

  • Print the nice emails
  • Follow up on your exciting connections
  • Give men enough space and time to respond
  • Flirt and tease
  • Keep the mystery alive
  • Etc.

Show your good sides first.

Keep it light and keep it fun.

Never get attached to a guy you only met online.

There are no guarantees.

If he pulls back, let go and focus on those who respond.

This is easy to do if you have many choices and if you kept your options open.