Get him to dial your digits - ARTICLE

The main reason a man would not take that step is because he doesn’t want to be rejected.

Before calling, they might think stuff like:

· "She might think I'm clingy"

· "Will I be intruding"

· "She could be with someone"

· "She's going to turn me off"

· "It might be complicate"

· "How will she respond?"

· etc.

All the are doubts. If you want him to call, you need to give two things:

· Make sure he understands you want him to call. Don't be pushy. Simply look at him straight in the eyes when you give him your number and say firmly with a smile: "call me".

· Give him a taste of what he will get if he calls.

A man will follow his emotions.

Calling a girl is not a mental decision: it is an emotional one.

He'll call only if he is excited about seeing you again.

The goal is simple: remove anything which is unattractive in you and wake up his senses.

He will take the decision to call you or not when he is chatting with you when you meet him first. Your smile, attitude and radiance are the qualities which will convince him.

If you are fun to be with and he is single, he will usually go for it.

Remember that there can be a dozen reasons for him not taking steps which have nothing to do with you. If he is stressed at work, focused on personal projects or simply not available, he might not take the step.

Be sure you don't have too high expectations and keep your options open. Once there is a clear sign of interest on his side, invest yourself, not before.