Get him to ask you out - ARTICLE

To get him to ask you out, you must be number one in his mind! The dating scene is a very competitive environment. Being yourself is great! Accepting who you are is wonderful! Now, if he still did not ask you out, what can you do about it? You can do better! You can be better!

The dating world is a school of life. It is a space which gives us the possibility to grow, expand and go beyond what we already know! Succeeding in dating means taking risks, not accepting what you see today as your real limits.

I am catching you on your question. My apologies! The expression "get him to ask you out" was a trick to make you realize something: You want him to do for you what you don't dare doing yourself!

Confidence boost does not come from sitting back and waiting! It comes from realizing you can take action!

Ask him out!

This "Taking action!" is what can transform your life! Imagine yourself as a river. Action is an open door! Without an open door or open channel, water simply does not flow! Water is life! It is your spirit! It is your inspiration! Action is what frees your energy, what frees your being!

What if? He says "no", "maybe", "get lost", etc. Would you learn surfing by standing on the beach? No way! You have to get in the water and do it to find your skills! A wave might toss you around like a white sock in a washing machine?

What's your answer? Learn with small waves!

Take a second to observe these two possible pictures of you, one month from now:

  • In the first picture you did take many actions. You moved, dated a couple of guys. Flirted with two others. Got to know better the man you like. You got some waves on your face. One of your best friends is angry with you and another guy you rejected does not talk to you anymore. You know all this is a learning process and you'll go out partying with your best friend again next week-end.
  • In the second picture, you did not take action. You are still hesitant and waiting for things to move. You are dreaming about what life would be if... You get impressions, advice from friends. You feel okay but nothing did really move since you sent me your mail.

Which of these two persons do you want to be 1 month from now? The answer is yours!

Take action! To boost your confidence! Taking action is a victory in itself! Focus on the action, not the outcome!