Flirting and sexual attraction - ARTICLE

Flirting and seduction are usually intimately associated with sexual attraction.

If you are straight, this usually means that you want to flirt with the opposite sex.

However, you can stretch your idea of flirting.

Nowadays, the definition of flirting goes far beyond the sexual attraction thing:

Flirting is a way of relating.

If you are a woman, you can “flirt” with another woman without feeling sexually attracted to her.

In fact you can flirt with anyone.

It is simply a way of relating playfully and establishing a refined connection with someone.

The keyword here is complicity.

When you flirt, you break barriers and connect.

You put down rivalry or competition and establish a friendly connection.

Sexual attraction can be present and enhance this experience.

No need however to limit your flirting to men you are sexually attracted to.

You can stretch your potential if you want to and embrace your flirting role within a much vaster definition.