Find someone who is ready to commit - ARTICLE

It's a fact!

50% of guys are usually scared of commitment.

Somehow, it must be their wild stallion inside which just wants to run free.

I have a confession for you! I am one of them.

I broke 4 steady relationships in the name of my personal freedom.

In the beginning, I thought I was just an exception.

Now, I know I am not!

My 5 best friends (between 30 and 40) are all in the process of divorcing or already remarried!

What's wrong?

They felt stacked and limited in their relationship.

When I see their evolution, I can tell for sure what was missing for them:

Fun, excitement, renewal, freedom!

That's it!

That's the secret!

These 4 words are simple!

Now, how many married couples can claim to express these qualities in their relationship?

The risk to settle in some comfortable nest is big!

Maintaining the thrill and excitement of a teenage romance is a skill!

Passion does not need to die out!

It can stay alive and awake!

It can die out because of lack of action and response!

This happens because nothing is done about it.

If your garden is drying out in the summer heat, what will you do?

Water it, right?

Relationships need to be nurtured and fed like a sacred garden.

Waking up excitement every day with your partner and giving space for renewal is the number one relationship skill.

What was your question?

Find someone who is ready to commit?

Give a man a glimpse of a fun, exciting and ever refreshed relationship and his resistance to commit will drop straight away.

Stability counts only for 1/3 in the relationship's equation!