The "energy" plan for your relationship - ARTICLE

Dating and relationships are part of your life's plan. When things are not flowing, all you need is to reconnect with that plan.

When doors are not open, you want an extra power kick to open them.

You are not an isolated being. You are part of a larger flow of energy and life on this planet and your love life is part of this larger plan.

When you decide to flirt, date or get into a relationship, you connect with a profound human instinct. This instinct is in your genes. It is part of your culture and thought patterns. It is embedded in your dreams and life goals.

If for some reason, this does not flow for you right now, all you need is an extra power to boost this aspect of your life.

There is a plan or vision for your relationship.

There are three will powers involved in that: Your will power, you future partner's will power and what we could call the relationship's spirit will power.