Emotional commitment - ARTICLE

There are two levels of commitment.

The first one is an emotional one.

It happens without you even noticing it or deciding for it.

The second level of commitment is a mutual agreement with your partner.

That's the moment your really decide to be together.

The risk with emotional commitment is to give when the other person has no intention of giving back to the same extent.

This happens over and over again in the dating scene.

You love him but he does not love you back.

When you have a crush, you tend to polarize your emotional being towards someone.

The goal is simple: Stay awake!!!

Observe the play of these emotions without abandoning yourself in them. Feeling in love is great as long as you stay "over it".

Don't behave like you belong to someone.

You are free!

Being in love is sometimes like being drunk.

You can loose touch with reality.


Stay awake!

Enjoy the experience but keep your two feet on the ground!

If you do, you empower your love experience. You give it intensity and pleasure by not abandoning yourself.

You play with these emotions by mastering them.

This is not control.

Again, it is like surfing the waves.

You play with the waves of your feelings.

You don't block.

You don't control.

You tame these emotions.

You observe them but don't let them overpower your actions.

You stay in charge.

There is a control center in you.

There is this force which gives directions and decides.

Stay in charge in the cockpit.

You are in charge!

Passion is powerful.

Use this force to move you forward but stay awake! Always!

Don't commit yourself emotionally.

There is no guarantee that he will love you back.

This means that you stay open and flirt with other men.

You are still available!

You stay on a light flirting ground and you decide when you are truly ready to commit yourself emotionally.

Staying open means staying free.

Use the energy of love rather than being dominated by it.

You decide when and how you truly want to commit.

Don't let the waves of temporary emotions take this decision for you.

You decide when and how it happens.