Does it work to play hard to get? - ARTICLE

As long as you play, it is okay.

Playing hard to get is a seduction style, right? It is something you do to have fun together.

If a guys suffers from it, he obviously won't enjoy the game.

If your "hard to get" is a way of teasing him, I'll say go for it and enjoy.

Give him small bites of what he could get.

Send him and SMS saying:

"Catch me if you can!"

Messages like this one really work with guys.

Playing hard to get is a great way of flirting as long as you show him that he gets somewhere.

If you give him nothing, he will just see you as someone complicate who plays games and wants to hurt him.

If he notices you play games, he will run away and look somewhere else.

Play “hard to get” as a way of teasing him and building the attraction between the two of you.

Open some doors to him when you feel the moment is ripe.

If you overdo this “hard to get” game, you just keep him hanging on and both of you will get nowhere.

So make sure that attraction and play are the centre of it.

Go for it and enjoy!