Does it kill the passion to have long phone or IM chats? - ARTICLE

Here are some ideas on calls and chats.

Excitement is a big part of dating and connecting.

Now, when you have long phone or chat sessions, you tend to loose the rhythm and intensity after a while.

You unveil everything and in a way you can slow down the rhythm of what you share.

Imagine, if you are giving a lecture; what works best?

A 2 hour monologue or a 15 min focused pep talk?

What will you remember and how will you feel after it?

In my opinion, shorter contacts do work better.

Keep the energy high.

I would say max 30-60 min and even shorter if possible. It will make it easier on your phone bill as well.

It is always nicer when you finish on a "high".

Even if you have much more to share, you keep it for next time.

This is not an absolute rule.

If you feel like having a 3 hours phone conversation with your partner, I am sure it can work out as well.

Now, sometimes, it takes courage to simply hang up even if there is much more to say.

Short high energy contacts seem to have a stronger impact in building passion and romance.

It keeps the mystery alive between two persons.

If you don't know what works best for you, try both ways and observe how you feel after a conversation.

Try 5 min phone chats as well.

These are direct and give a powerful energy boost to your love connection.