Crushes - ARTICLE

Crushes are great and exciting as long as you understand the dynamics of your desire.

Feeling in love is a wonderful state of mind. Go for it and enjoy, but stay awake!

A crush builds up a stream of fantasies. What do you do with it?

Should you act on it? Should you tell a guy you are falling for him?

You can tell him of course but without words. Free flirting is a much better approach than this "serious" conversation you'll have on a cafe's terrace.

A crush is an opportunity to have fun. It is not an opportunity to suffer or be rejected.

Within your emotional landscape, you can decide where you want to go. Imagine yourself at sea. As Khalil Gibran was saying in his book "The Prophet", the wind is your passion and the helm is your reason.

You enjoy the wind but stay awake at all times. If you sail without helm and direction, you'll end up turning in circles driven by passion alone.

What is your direction? What is reason in all that? It is a plan, a life vision. It is your personal foundation, your work, the place you live in. All these elements in your life give you a base. They give you power and stop you from turning in circles.

You can get hurt in the dating scene. It will happen if you abandon yourself and loose your direction. Stay awake!

Having a crush is a powerful emotion.

Use it!

It brings pleasure and delight in your life.

Wake up the stream of romance and play with it.

Never be the slave of it.

Stay master of it.