Are you very sensitive to rejection? - ARTICLE

The dating world is a jungle.

It can sometimes feel like a battle field with impossible challenges, warm deserts and frozen mountains to cross.

Nice picture!

You and I know about it.

Now! that's only one aspect of it.

Anytime, anywhere, you can be attacked or challenged.

You can be judged for stuff you did not do.

People can love you! Hate you for what you are or what you aren’t!

Now, what?

Are you staying home??!!! No way!!

Dating is life!

It is part of the thrill!

The art of dating is partly the art of overcoming any rejection, any judgment, laughing about it and staying untouched.

Develop your fighting skills, self confidence!

The other side of the story?

Love, romance, passion, thrill!

Yes! That’s right... The other side of the story!

Give yourself the tools to protect what truly matters!