Are there any dating or love rules? - ARTICLE

Yes, there are!

However, most of it is simply common sense and instinctual response to dating situations.

You are not born with rules.

Rules are habit patterns which are developed because they are repeated often.

If a particular behavior or attitude is repeated enough times and it works really well, then it naturally becomes a "rule" or a dating "guideline".

True, it is like cooking or playing music. If you don't know where to start, then check a manual and learn from the experience of those who went there before.

If you feel limited by a rule and would rather run free, dare to simply trust your instinct and follow your intuition. It usually works wonders.

A musical piece can be played systematically in a technical way without waking up deep feelings and emotions, right?

Some musicians don't have a perfect technique but the way they play wakes up profound emotions.

The best is to have a good technique + the passion and emotions to energize this experience.

This works with dating as well.

With dating, I would say: free yourself from 95% of the rules and go by instinct.

The moment you face a challenge you can't overcome, do some research and benefit from other's experience.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

You will notice that certain behaviors or attitudes never work while others give you great response.

Okay, here are some "dating guidelines" examples (softer than the "rule" thing):

· When you are on a date with a partner, don't talk about your exes

· If you had a great date, let him or her know via a Text message, email or quick phone call the following day.

· Focus on fun an quality time when you are on a date

· Avoid small talk topics like politics, religion, problems at work, problems with an ex, hang ups, etc.

· Focus instated on light and fun topics, your passions, etc.

· Don't monopolize the attention, be interested and simply listen at least 60% of the time.

· Etc.

You get the picture?

The term rule is bit heavy.

I would go for a softer word like "guideline".

It is good to realize that with dating there are behaviors and attitudes which never work while others do work.

Your number one guiding forces are your instincts and intuition, definitely.

If you trust yourself, you might get it right 90% of the time.

Now, sometimes you face a challenge and don't know how to overcome it.

A book like this one or a "10 tips" article or some dating advice will help you find what is missing.

I am convinced that if you set up your mind to it, you will eventually break through any dating challenge.

Now, you can take a short cut and benefit from the experience of others.

You can use terms like effective strategies, dating guidelines, dating tips, etc.

All these express a "winning" mind set. One which eventually get you where you want to be.

There are dozens of guidelines you can design, write about or discuss.

Most of them are subject to discussion.

A dating guideline is never true at 100%.

There are always exceptions where a guideline will be successfully broken.

Can you see how it works?

Keep general guidelines in mind and trust your instincts at the same time.

Own these skills, learn by experience, keep what you find useful and get rid of what you don't need.

Sounds like a good way to succeed with your love life!