Should he pay for everything? - TIP

That's a question that comes often...

It really depends on the culture and your combined personalities.

I honestly find it is a nice gesture for a guy to pay when you are on a first date.

If you are uncomfortable with him paying always because it makes you feel indebted to him, simply take over the bill next time you are out.

Some guys really want to always pay.

Some others can't stand the idea of a woman expecting that from him.

Honestly, all options are fine.

There isn't a given rule that works for everyone.

The best way to test this is to grab your purse next time the bill comes.

Don't simply site back and expect him to pay.

If he REALLY insists, give him the pleasure of inviting you.

If you don't like seeing him as a "provider" take over the next bill and be firm.

This will let him know that as far as paying for nights out, you want to be on an equal level.

In the modern world we live in, by experience, I find that this last option possibly works best in 80% of the cases.