Should you just invite someone to have tantric sex? - ARTICLE

Well... In the expression "tantric sex" there is still the word sex!

People might be intrigued or turned off if you are that blunt.

If you are good at it and show extreme confidence, that's something you could try.

The question is: Why not?

What is offensive about an open invitation for what you might both be longing to share?

Why would it be wrong to bring up this topic without wasting time in small insignificant talk.

You see, you can talk about tantric sex in subtle ways.

You can invoke exchange of energy, the play of forces of nature, the mystical realization when you third eye and heart starts opening up, etc.

Most people long to experience this more.

Why waste time side tracked in areas none of you care about.

This is what you need to ask.

Remove taboos!

Get rid of insecuritites and postion yourself in a place which is totally comfortable with that topic.

In fact own your tantric sex energy before you even enter the room and you will see people opening up to this topic.

It goes fast! Very fast!

Invoking the energy of tantra by itself, bring the energy of tantra between people.

This is why it works.

You invoke desire!

You call for energy exchange!

You whisper subtle images of total tantric union.

Realize that this process is magical.

Words are tantric power!

They cary life force and are tools for manifesting energy!

Here are some simple ways to bring tantric sex in the core of your conversation without threatening anyone:
  • Ask people about their most intense moment of bliss ever and let them expand on this image one step further.
  • Write the callygraphy shiva-shakti and unveil to them the meaning hidden in these words.
  • Write down some words of the kama sutra and ask them if they think it applies to them.
  • Ask them about their most profound sexual desire and how they intend to manifest it.
  • Etc.

What do you do next?

Do you simply invite your potential tantric partner for more intimate exploration?

Yes, you do!

You can say something like:

"If you and I wanted to do some tantric sex exploration together, what would be the next easy step you would be comfortable with?

For instance would you be ok with me touching your hand?

Or would you rather simply us sit in front of each other and meditate on a simple technique together?"

You see how respectful these steps are?

You must asses your partner's openess so that they don't feel forced or pressured in any way.

This is an open invitation and they can tell you exactly the steps they are comfortable with.

Even if the step they suggest seems to be tiny, be thankful, take that step and you will see that this simple action usually calls for another simple small action... Which after that naturally calls for more...

Simple... One step at a time.

Remember: if it is tantric sex exploration you have in mind, don't get side tracked in areas which are irrelevant to this target.

Tantric energies are powerful and if you walk that path, you will naturally attract potential partners who are aligned with that specific energy.

It is a very natural process! The stronger the tantric energy is in you, the more you attract people who are in tune with this same vibration.