What if he keeps harassing you emotionally? - TIP

Ok, I agree! Harassing can be a too strong word...

Sometimes, all he does is bother you with questions, needing emotional support, wanting to share stories you no longer care about.

He might want friendship and you might want space.

In some cases, he will be VERY agressive towards you and even be emotionally abusive without reason.

How do you tacklle these behaviors?

You set up new boundaries with him.

Here are a few ideas:
  • Set up a 5 min rule when he calls - Check your watch and get off the phone within 5 min max - If 5 min is too much, you can set up a 1 min rule too!
  • Don't invite him in if he comes by to drop something.
  • Let him know that you are with friends and don't have time to listen to his story right now.
  • Etc.

This is called setting boundaries and protecting your space.

You might really see him invading your freedom and draining your energy.

You might realize that every time you speak with him, you feel weak and disempowered after that.

If it is the case, remember that you owe him nothing.

Apply the strategies I describe above or make up your own.

It is your right to protect your space and freedom!

Use that right!

To your power!