The difference between therapy and coaching when you break up - TIP

Therapy orginates in the medical field - The main quality you get is healing.

Coaching originates in sports and business - The main quality you get is power.

Both approaches are very helpful when it comes to solving breakups.

If you are not sure what you need, try a session with both and see which one resonnates better with you.

I am a coach, so I know that coaching really works well.

The real issue is: do you have the time and resources to invest in it - If you do, my guess is that it will give you exactly what you need.

Depending on your needs, I will coach you from 30 min to a few months.

Many clients come to me for a one time power kick - They get what they need - This is it!

Other clients will stay longer and get weekly power boosts with me in a safe environment where they can share their story + Get solid feed back.

By experience, I know that coaching works VERY fast.

We focus directly on your targets and design a solid battle plan every single session.

Sessions are always complete and we always cover the top issues or challenges you might be facing at the time of our call.

We discuss YOUR agenda, not mine.

You tell me what you want and my job as your coach is to support you in getting there, manifesting the results you want.

If you like the idea of having an powerful source of support standing there next to you, the best is to take a small step and sign up for a 30 min.

It will give you everything you need to make a sound choice and decide if you need more after that.

I am here to help!

To your power!