Stop idealizing your past relationship - TIP

Ok! I agree... Maybe your relationship was super great! It was wonderful!

That's a possibility.

But look at the flaws, the challenges, the fights, the space between the two of you and the fact that you are free from all these now.

You can colour your past relationship any way you want.

Idealizing it is a mistake!


Because this type of self talk is self defeating, victimizing and keeps you focused on the past.

Because it makes you believe that you will never find something as good as that.

This is not true!

On the contrary, you can rebuild a new life and an incredible connection with any man you meet.

Are you sure he was that special?

Well... Let me ask you this simple question:

How many men are there on this planet?

How many of them did you meet?

How do you know that there aren't millions of men out there as good or even much better than him.

If you can't see them, start searching right now.

You can log on any dating site and see thousands of men ready to date and fall in love with you.

That's reality! This is what gives you a new edge and an open perspective into your future.

Stop idealizing your relationship and realize that you have an open space of infinite possibilities ahead of you.