Should you tell him that you want babies? - TIP

Absolutely! But not straight away.

Here is how a relationship builds up:
  • Stage 1: Build up complicity, fun, chemistry
  • Stage 2: Getting committed and exclusive with each other
  • Stage 3: Build a life together

When you are at stage 1, you are still exploring if you are good match.

Many guys don't like the idea of talking about commitment when they don't even know you.

It is jumping too fast.

Serious "Us" conversations come later, after you already met for a few dates and it is clear that your mutual life plans seem very similar.

Remember that wanting children or not can be a deal breaker in a relationship.

It can be a major point of agreement or disagreement and bringing it too soon can destroy the magic instantly.

Focus on building up a good connection first and stay on this romantic mood for now.

Keep serious discussions about the future and key life choices for later, ok?

What if your biological clock is ticking and you can't waste time? What do you do?

Well, give yourself at least a couple of dates with a guy.

In the conversations you have, you will see occasions to ask undirect questions about life choices.

You can mention a pregnant friend and see how he responds to it.

The key is to not put him on the spot!

If he feels this sudden responsibility and pressure projected on him, you might really scare him off, even if you two are a good match.