If you want him to call you back, don't abuse him - TIP

This is something I see women frequently do:

They come up with demands, make it difficult to date them or behave in very agressive or even abusive ways.

They then are surprised when the guy they are interested in stops returning or initiating calls.

Guys want to have fun.

They want to be happy and have a good time when they are with you.

If the feelings they get after seeing you are mixed, then of course, they won't encourage contact with you.

If you are fun and exciting to be with men enjoy your presence and come back to you.

It's logical of course.

If you see a guy and he stops returning your calls, ask youself these simple question:

Was it fun last time we met?

Is there anything I did that was a turn off?

In many cases, a guy can lose interest because of many other reasons, but the demand, abusive behavior or unwanted complication can play a major role in how much a guy gets attracted to you or not.

Remember that next time you think of puting pressure on him.

To your power!