I want him to love me for who I am - TIP

Of course, that's something your deserve.

Let me ask you a question:

Who are you?

You say "Love me for who I am" but who are you?

Suppose that there is an aspect of your personality neither him or you like.

Suppose you are not really outgoing or communicative for instance.

He misses emotional intimacy and so do you.

When you say "Love me for who I am", what you are saying is:

"Even though there is something there I could be better at, I don't know how to change it and therefore I want you to accept me exactly the way I am."

The thing to realize is that the dating world is a competitive environment.

If a man does not recognize in you qualities he can embrace on the long term, he will look for these qualities somewhere else and eventually date another woman.

I know... There is something unfair about this but it is simply the way it works.

You will do EXACTLY the same with guys.

Maybe half of the men you meet are instantly disqualified in your mind because of some aspect of their personality, appearance or behavior.

EVERYBODY does that.

So, the dating world is CHALLENGING because it forces you to be at your best.

If being who you are gives you what you want, that's great!

If it doesn't, tap into something called CHANGE!

When you change you don't betray yourself, it's more like puting a new top.

You integrate new skills and ad a new edge to your personality.

It is still YOU! right?

That's all!