I tend to think and dream a lot about him at night... - TIP

That's normal.

You are still connected.

Reclaiming the territory of your mind is a conscious step by step power build up.

The moment you start dating new men, you will see them gradually replacing him in your mind.

The vision of him or fantasies about him simply means that he's still your "Point or reference" for the male energy.

Realize too that these visions of him won't hurt you.

Even having some romantic fantasies is ok.

You don't have to block all that.

Some of it might even be very pleasant.

Over time though, these visions will naturally fade away and become a distant memory which loses its sharpness.

When this happens, it means that the power he had over you is now dissipated and you are a free woman.

You will definitely notice the shift when this happens as you might see someone else replacing him in your mind.