I changed but he still does not want me back? - TIP

You changed??? Really!!!

That's what he thinks when you say these words.

He needs much more than that!!!

If you were confronted with the same deal breaking situations again, how different would you be?

Suppose that you got easily possesive with him, how will you react next time you see him flirting with a girl at a social event?

Are you sure you have all the mind sets in place to tackle the limiting factors which eventually dissolved your relationship.

A few steps and determination is not enough!

You need to totally mature with your solutions and own them!

That's what REALLY gives you a new edge in a future relationship.

Even if you achieve this profound transformation that would make you the best candidate for him, he might still not give you a chance...

You see, too many memories have already accumulated in his mind.

He can't or doesn't want to clear them up.

So, in most cases, you will get many more chances to make it up, simply not with him.

Change, forgive yourself and move on!

New thrilling opportunities are on their way!