How to stay cool always! No matter what he does - ARTICLE

Staying cool is an attitude you train!

You prepare yourself for the absolute worst and imagine how you would react if you were the coolest person on this planet.

What would you do?

What would you say?

Expressing insecurities in relationships is a lack of emotional maturity.

It simply says that your mind and personal power are not strong enough yet!

Yes! The goal is to always be in a positive and uplifting state of mind no matter what.

If you go out together and already know the triggers that could lead to a fight or tension between the two of you, you prepare yourself before they even happen.

You DECIDE not to respond before the situation even arises.

I agree with you, it takes focus and determination to achieve just that.

But guess what? This is part of your life mastery training. This is how you become a better person and grow character.

This is how you become a partner he enjoys and wants to spend his time with.

To your power!