How to keep your new relationship exciting - ARTICLE

When you start dating a guy, it is not enough to simply hang out.

If you are dating and having a great time, then your can skip this article, ok?

Now, if you face some rising boredom with the guy you date, you can start stretching what you do together and engage into new types of activities:
  • Do some training together - Go for a jog!
  • Take a road trip.
  • Get him involved in your social life.
  • Have a challenging discussion on a specific life topic.
  • Dive in sexual exploration.
  • Etc.

This is one of the key life skills you can develop.

Giving an edge to your dating life takes a bit of focus and follow up.

Another option is to find someone else with who you feel a better match.

If you discover that you are serial dating without finding what you look for, it probably means that something else is missing.

Take a yoga class or do a meditation course.

What you are looking for might be on the inside, not the external expression of your relationship with a man.

To your power and happiness!