How to be in love without getting hurt - TIP

The key is to give and committ only when it is clear that he reciprocates that love.

You get hurt when you give too much and don't get back enough.

Here are situations where you might give yourself away and get back nothing in return:
  • You fall for a guy who is already taken.
  • You fancy a colleague at work but he has no intention of dating you.
  • You fall for your personal trainer at the gym.
  • You have a crush on your best friend.
  • You have high expectations about a guy you met once but he never returned your calls.
  • You committ to a guy who lives on the other side of the planet, promisses everything but takes no action to be with you.
  • Etc.

All these situations have something in common: attraction goes mainly one way.

Yes! Falling in love can be like an addiction that consumes you.

If you want to win the dating challenge, you need to tame your passion.

Love and passion are beautiful and exciting forces in you!

Now, if you feel enslaved by your passion and it actually makes you misrable, something is wrong.

Gaining back control means taming that power and giving it direction consciously.

It is really like surfing the waves in the sea.

Waves have an amazing power!

They are fun and refreshing but can as well crush if you are not too skilled at navigating them.

With love and romantic emotions, the same applies.

No pain at all is needed in your love life.

You can surf the waves of your passion and dating life IF you develop the skills to tame this fire.

How does it look like:

  • You consciously drop it when a guy does not return your call.
  • You reason yourself and realize that your personal traner is in fact VERY kind with any woman not just you.
  • You let go of wanting to have a relationship with that guy who is already married.
  • You lower your romantic expectations about this guy you met online.
  • Etc.

See how it works?

Keep your mind clear and head for what makes you REALLY happy and excited.

True! Dreaming, fancying and crushing on a guy IS exciting by itself.

Sometimes it doesn't even need to be "real" for it to give you a boost of energy and thrill.

Simply stay awake and watch your emotions.

If you feel that any aspect of your romantic fantasies turn against you, take back the control seat and give them direction.

You win, always!

To your love life!