His work always comes first! - ARTICLE

Another big potential source of disapointment for women!

This is another area that can create lots of tension and you need a solid strategy to tackle that.

He can work as much as he wants!

That's his time!

That's his career!

He is free!

This is the general idea.

Trying to limit him or force him to spend time with you will achieve the exact opposite to what you want.

What you can do is openly invite him for things which are fun and let him make his own choices.

You can say things like:

"We'll be going out with Paul, his girlfriend and two other buddies to this new club... I heard it is pretty fantastic! I know you often need to stay late at work on Friday so, you are of course totally free to choose if you want to join us or not..."

You see, the moment you try to force him, he feels he has the right to defend himself.

If what you offer is simply an open invitation it is HIS choice and HIS responsibility to do what what he wants with it.

If he feels he misses opportunities, than he can only blame himself.

The essential key in all this is that you must have a life beyond what you share with him.

If you are simply bored at home waiting for him to come back and entertain you, that's not too empowering, is it?

You need to activate your social life and build up connections where he is not involed.

This will give you a whole new social base and ad an extra refreshing edge to your relationship.