From broken record to exuding positive energy - TIP

If you fall into that trap and hear yourself talking about your ex on and on with your friends, STOP!

That's playing the broken record and you know it takes you nowhere!

The key is to shift your self talk.

It is to shift the story your tell yourself and then, start sharing that with those around you.

Here is an example of what it looks like when you play the broken record:

"I still don't understand why he did that to me, after all these years of me doing exactly what he wanted. And the kids... That's so selfish..."

What do you hear? Victimization! Blame!

Here is what you can train to think instead:

"It's good we are no longer together - In fact we were fighting so much - Look, my ex is in the past - Why don't we focus on the present and have a good time!"

You exude positive energy when you say things like that, right?

This is the type of attitude you want to train!

That's the type of mind set that positions you as a winner!

And guess what? You are the one CHOOSING your mind sets!

A positive attitude is something you can consciously train and practice until it becomes TOTALLY YOURS!