Do guys like it when you are kind with them? - TIP

I know this is a dilemma for many women?

What works best in attracting a guy you fancy?

Showing kindness or behaving like you don't care?

Is it better to play hard to get or tell him directly that you like him?

Honestly, any of these attitudes can work and get a guy attracted to you.

What doesn't work is when you express these attitudes but appear VERY uncomfortable or needy.

These are the turn offs.

I see women stimulating attraction in guys through very simple acts of kindness.

They might make a cool compliment to a guy they never met.

They will offer help if they see him lost in a city.

He will see them responding politely to an old lady or a child.

All these acts of random kindness say something very special about you.

And yes! It can be one of the key attractive attitudes you can express with any guy, especially when they know you didn't have to.

There is a way of freely giving which makes you very attractive.

The key is to own that behavior and expect nothing in return.

You can express kindness without losing your edge.

What happens next can be pure magic and create instant connection with those around you.