Are you angry with men? - Why? - TIP

I often see women engaging in the dating scene with lots of undigested luggage.

Most of the time, this luggage is the result of abusive past relationships, a cheating event, a challenging break up or divorce.

You need to clear your mind and realize that what happened with one man is the past.

It does NOT reflect how most men are

Guys are great!

They are fun!

They are interesting!

You love them!

That's the general attitude you want to project!

You want to express the fact that you enjoy the company of men and you feel great and confortable when you are around them.

See how it works?

If you appear bitter or angry and express that through your tone of voice, body language or over agressive attitude, you will of course miss many chances.

Guys won't respond to you because they will feel threatened by you.

So, again... Clear whatever negative emotions are still undigested and realize that men love you.

They want to be with you if you want to be with them.

Of course don't be naive and keep your protective strategies handy but assume that men are on your side and want the best for you.

Enter the love scene with a good reserve of love, not anger or frustration.