Why don't guys call right away?

Why don't guys call right away?

Why don't guys call right away? Is there some sort of rule they go by or something?



Guys don't want to sound clingy, desperate or pushy. They actually do that to respect your space.

If you want them to call earlier, give them a clear sign like: "call me soon" when you give them your number. Make it clear that they won't bother you if they call tomorrow.

When you had sex for instance, there can be a "rebuilding" period for the man, which has more to do with recharging his sexual stamina. It's organic!

Waiting a bit before you see each other again is quiet natural as well. It allows the fresh romance to bloom freely and keep on growing in your mind. Seeing each other too soon would make you exclusive. Men want to keep their options open in the beginning and see other people as well.

With all these examples, nothing to worry about. It's okay if he calls you within a week.

If it has been a month, give him a call yourself to check out what's going on...

In some other cases, the guy is simply not interested or has other priorities. It can happen as well.