When a man gives you a compliment

When a man gives you a compliment

A compliment is like a rose. When a man gives you one, no need for justification. No need to question the intentions or the reasons.

If you tend to reject compliments because of lack of trust, try simply choosing for another mind set.

Try trusting him.
You get a compliment? Smile and take it. Take it inside.

Next time someone gives you a compliment, try this instead:
"Thank you for you compliment"
"It's nice to hear"
"I appreciate your words to their real value"
"I love it when you say that"
"I can feel you love"
"I am so thankful to know you"
You get the picture?

Trusting is like stepping on a bridge. In the beginning, you can wonder if it will be solid enough. This bridge is a relationship between two persons. It takes courage, faith and awareness to step on the bridge and empower this life line you can share with a man you connect to.

This is exactly what trust is: letting go of the fear of "heights", letting go of worries, taking small steps and learning to trust.