What if you already got a guy's attention?

What if you already got a guy's attention?

I was wondering if I already got a guys attention, how do I really get it to the point where all he really wants to do on his spare time is to hang out and just be with me



How are you today?

Put it this way: would you really like him to be clingy, desperate and wanting to be with you all the time. What effect do you feel this would have on your life. How would you look at him if he was totally desperate to be with you all the time?

Are you sure this would be for the best for the two of you.

If what you wish does manifest. If you have the power to create your dream. Are you sure this is where you want the person you love to be?

Would this open his life or shut it down? Would this limit his existence or give him more freedom?

This is really important. I want you to check this out and find the answer for yourself.

You love him? What are your real wishes for someone you love?