Turn on guys


Some years ago, I had the same question about women: "How to turn on women?"

What I did? I started reading cosmopolitan! Understanding the opposite sex is the first step.

Who are they, these strange (but fascinating) creatures? Check this link: www.menshealth.co.uk it will tell you a lot about what's going on in a man's mind.

Second step: Dare!

What do you think when you hear the word sexy?

No shame!

Would you like to be called sexy?

If the answer is no, then you are in trouble.

What turns on guys has a lot to do with being sexy.


What turns guys on is energy!

It is radiance! Freshness! Fun! Vitality! Life! Flirt! Playfulness!

The main quality a guy is looking in a women when dating is: "Fun to be with!"

Ad a dimension of mystery and you to get the full picture!

The serious part of a committed relationship comes after.

First you have to focus on is sparks, chemistry, excitement.

What turns on a guy is not a thought, it is an emotional reaction.

Talk to his senses.

It's their senses you want to wake up, not their heads.

Turning on guys is accepting to play the game!

It is just a game, so take small steps in the beginning and build up your confidence.

Here are 3 simple techniques you can start with:

Seek eye contact with guys. Play with your eyes. Slightly smile. Establish eye contact slightly longer than usual (2-3 seconds). Practice that as often as you can.

Be fun to be with. You have at least 5 to 10 interactions a day with men. It can be in a shop, professional situations, social, friends, etc. Don't be self absorbed. Be generous with your attitude. No serious talk! light, relax, fun, smile. Make a move!

Be sexy! No shame! No need to be extravagant or vulgar. Simply take it one step further than you would usually do. Start with clothes. What do you choose in the morning? What do you buy? Put yourself in a good light! Then focus on body language! 70% of what a guy remembers from you is expressed through your body language. You might focus on the words when in fact, what he sees is your posture and attitude.

Practice these for week or so.

To develop dating skills, you have to try, play, experiment, have fun, repeat it many times a day (for instance with eye contact).

This is the first step.

You are not supposed to succeed with everything you try.

Don't focus on the outcome.

Taking action is a victory in itself.