Taking risks

Taking risks

I want “it” to happen without taking any risks, learning any new skills or going beyond my comfort zone. I want to sit back, wait and let guys take the steps


Taking action is one of the greatest pleasure we have in life. Our lives have a natural need for expansion and renewal. Our consciousness has the ability to explore the mysteries of our mind.

All these secrets and treasures are there. Now, who will open the cave of Ali Baba? There is no short cut: if you want to discover a new world, you have to go to sea and accept to take at least small risks. In the limits of your comfort zone, you already opened most of the boxes. You can sit back, relax and let others takes steps. Who will get the rewards? I think you guessed... tank you!

What are we touching? >>> Initiative! - Taking action!

The choice is yours. Your inner gold is waiting to be found. How do you get life force to flow? Open the doors with fire and follow your instinct!