Some fascinating stats

Some fascinating stats

From a man's perspective

On dating sites, for one woman there is an average of 5 to 10 men.

80% of the women profiled never send a message.

The rest 20% receive at least 5 times more messages than they send.

50% never reply to a message.

30% reply to 20% of the messages

20% reply to 50% of the messages

This means that an average guy has O-5% chances of receiving a message...

A sent message has 5-10% chances of getting a response... With some women... O% chance for sure...

What are the strategic conclusions of all that?

If you send 20 messages, you'll get one response

If you wait 100 days, you might get 0 to 5 messages, That's one message every 20 days... If you are lucky!!! What do you say to all that? Smile and laugh. Humour is the perfect answer.

So, if you go out in the scene, with just the usual attitude, hoping that something will happen, chances are so slim, you probably won't succeed...

This is for the average guy, with an average job...

If you are hansom, smart, etc, might be different... But it must show in your face, as well as in your wording.

Might be different as well if you are extremely wealthy and show it, you might then attract women who are magnetized by your wealth ('f course).