Pick up the challenge

Pick up the challenge

I've been single for seven years. Low long does it take a man to show an interest? I don't understand why a man doesn't show an interest in me. I should have a man in my life, by now. What does it take for a man to show an interest? Someone I want.



Yes! 7 years is too long!

How long does it take for a man to show interest? a 1/4 of a second! Not 7 years.

I'll be direct with you if it's okay?

When you say you want someone from your own town, you are already limiting yourself immensely. What you are saying is: " I want my own comfort, I don't want to be challenged by something new... etc."

That's precisely the exact pattern to change. There is nothing wrong with people around you or with men. The only thing you can change is your strategy and mind set. It's simple. If you don't do anything about it things will stay the way they are.

If this situation has been going on for 7 years, you have to shift something radically!!!

This is called risk taking and going beyond your comfort zone. If you sit back and wait, nothing will happen. You have to take action.


Right now there is a party going on. It goes on 24 hours a day. Thousands of men are actually waiting to get to know you. I'm not talking about the local pub!

Where is this party? It's online. Millions of potential dates are online right now.

What's your reaction? Too complicate, too difficult, too whatever...

Remove that thought from your mind now and go for it!

There is nothing artificial, dangerous or dirty about the online scene. These are all wrong ideas. They are exactly what might stop you from moving forward. The dating scene has evolved.

Remove whatever fear and blockages you have and give it a try.

If you want to find a partner, you have to do what it takes to find it. If you stay within your comfort zone, I guarantee you that in 7 years, the situation will be exactly the same.

Break the pattern.

This is one step and of course there is more! much more.

What matters is: "are you ready to do what it takes?"

Good luck and stay in touch