Not to feel threatened by other girls

Not to feel threatened by other girls

It's sometimes hard to accept but the dating world is a competitive environment. If you are not in the top 5 in a guy's mind, there are little chances for him to ask you out.

Girls or women can be truly tuff, projecting sparks of loaded judgment on each other. As a guy, I was truly surprised the first time I observed this psychic battle going on.

The whole point here is not to say: "Wish this was different". Instead shift your attitude and see the dating world a bit more as a battle field. You have to develop your weapons simply to defend yourself. Your weapons are your mind power and the ability to overcome the challenges in the dating world.

What are the challenges? Other women's judgment, their competitive attitude, possible rejection from men, etc. All these challenges have the same solution: your mind power.

A negative judgment is an attack on your mind! It is an attack on your being! You can let the arrow pierce you through, or you can catch the arrow before it even hits you.

When you are warned, it is much easier! Go there prepared!

Realize, this is a major shift in your mind! Evolve in the dating scene like a martial artist! Aware! Awake!