My ex flirts with me - What does this mean? - TIP

My ex flirts with me. What does this mean?

If he just loves me as a friend, why is he hitting on me and flirting with me all the time? Could it possibly be that he feels more then a just friends basis and doesn't want to admit it to himself ? I just want to get over my feelings but with him confusing me I'm finding it hard to get over him.



When you have been years with someone, the natural flirting or relating reflexes and instincts are those of lover to lover, not friend to friend.

I find that with exes, flirting is what comes naturally. Often, this flirting is more a way of relating than a real invitation to start again a relationship.

You smile and flirt because it is fun and it wakes up this inner thrill and excitement.

In a recent article I read that 50-70 % of people fantasize about having sex with their ex when they see each other.

These natural pulsions are there. The question is: what to do with them?

Good luck