My boyfriend says he doesn't love me

My boyfriend says he doesn't love me

My boyfriend of 1 1/2 years, said he doesn't love me, he has never loved anyone, and doesn't want to love someone because he thinks it will hold him back professionally. he is a homebuilder, he is successful. Why is he still dating me then?



Guys can sometimes be angry with themselves or with life. They need a recognition they are not getting and even an apparent success is sometimes not covering a deeper gap, something they are missing inside.

I know many men who go through this stage. They remain blocked inside and resist giving love because they feel they have to fight and prove themselves to society.

This underlying frustration creates waves of negativity they send out to their surrounding and people they care for. In the worst cases it turns into self destructive loops and behavior, alcohol or drugs.

Their surrounding is not the cause: it's something which happens in themselves and is related with undigested emotions, feelings and stuff happening in them they don't know how to face.

Guys who say things like that are usually craving for freedom, express their wild "stallion side". It's like the forces of nature waking up in them and wanting to break free from all rules of society.