More keys to find your ideal partner

If someone gives you a “no, thank you…” sign, respect it and move away.

Don’t touch!
For guys, never touch a woman before she touches you. Let her touch you first.

Don’t be a space invader
Respect someone’s personal space. Find the ideal distance the other person feels comfortable with.

Grooming habits
Take good care of your body and appearance. Check any signs of uncleanliness in you and do something about it. The way you dress says a lot about how you feel about yourself

Have goals, ambitions, passions, desires
You already have an exciting life, with or without a partner. The first step to be happy in dating and relationships is to know how to be a happy single first

Care, be interested
Be a good listener! You should listen at least 60% of the time. No need to flood someone with your life story. Do you care? Are you interested? Are you a good listener?