I've just started a very casual relationship

I've just started a very casual relationship

I've just started a very casual relationship with a very handsome man who lives right opposite me. He isn't looking (In his words) for anything heavy. I said I was ok with that. We both agreed that as we are both single it would be nice to just keep each other company sometimes and have fun together.

Obviously there is sex involved and it is fantastic. My problem is, although I'm happy to have this arrangement, I don't really know how to play it.

I don't want to be the one who phones him first to say: "do you want to come round tonight" because he might see it as me being needy or that I'm looking for more than I should.

So my question is what can I do to make him really want me so that he is the one who wants to get in touch with me and wants me. I feel he is a very good player, I've always been in control of any kind of relationship with a man and this time he seems to be the one who has all the control.

I don't want to stop seeing him but I don't know how to keep him interested without looking like I'm getting heavy.

Please give me some advise.



I think there is a great potential there. You two are mature and understanding which is a great base to share deep and meaningful moments.

The best for you is to diversify your contacts and to see other guys. If you are too focused on him, you will become needy and clingy no matter what. To get back on top of the situation, you need to get your emotional freedom back. Simply act and be free! There is no commitment so don't be exclusive at this stage. If he sees other guys valuing you, valuing your presence, it will make him realize he has to make a move if he does not want to fully lose you.

I like the maturity in what you say. Most people do not get that far in terms of awareness. Make all this fun! It feels like you can immensely learn from each other's presence.