Is there a way to get him back?

Is there a way to get him back?

The first step is to gain back your power and independence.

I'll be direct with you, okay?

You can't build on the emotional patterns which are there right now. You definitely need to ad something in terms of power, love, skills or confidence.

If you stay where you are, he'll perceive you exactly the way he has been perceiving you lately. He'll simply follow up on his present direction and take more distance.

This requires you to go deep. Shift patterns and go beyond your present comfort zone. Ad new qualities to your life which are not there right now. Take risks, challenge yourself.

Will this work? It will work with guys in general. Remove anything which is unattractive in you. Not sure if he will respond but he'll certainly notice the change.

Again, recover your full power and confidence first. Date other guys. This will give you validation from other sources and give you extra trust. It does not mean you'll follow up on that and build a new relationship.

You get the picture, seeing you totally focused on him is precisely what he runs away from. The moment you show him you are fine by yourself and independent, he'll have no problem spending more time with you.

The thing which is tough to accept is that the dating world is competitive. Extremely competitive. If you are not number one in a guy's mind, he'll keep looking, keep searching.

It's challenging both for men and women but it forces you as well to stretch your limits and challenge yourself.

Sorry for the cliché, but your remember "Grease" the movie... Remember Sandy? She has this comfortable set of values and decides to really stretch herself.

Guys recognize that. What scares them is "comfort zones", lack of renewal.

When you want to go for it, really stretch your limits and do what it takes to be number one in his mind.

Hope this makes sense.

Good luck and stay in touch