I really like my personal trainer - TIP

I really like my personal trainer

I really like my personal trainer. He is everything I could possibly want in a guy and I think he likes me too, but it could just be that he is being nice because I am his client and that's how he pays his bills. I am really shy in this department and I was wondering if you knew how I can find out how he feels about me without asking him directly? What are some things I can do to get him to ask me out?



I love your question!

Your intuition is right: yes! As your personal trainer, it's his job to be nice. This does not mean he can't feel anything for you. But usually, professional boundaries in that field stimulate personal trainers to simply not go that way. If he would take it to the next step with you, it could put his reputation and business in great trouble.

Is he married or committed in a relationship? Find out as soon as you can.

Now that we know what the objections are, let's find a way to go around them. Meet him outside of his professional context... Where does he hang around? Give him clear signs you like him. Smile, slightly sustained eye contact. Find out if you like the guy outside of his professional context. Shift roles from trainer-client to man-woman.

Flirting is a natural way of being, so don't be afraid of flirting and expressing yourself, being sexy, even when he sees you professionally. Love is a natural stream! express it! let it radiate. Have fun with it. It wakes up your senses, wakes up your desires and excitement. It is a great gift! follow your instinct!

There are some great ways of telling someone you like him: watch your body language, your posture, your looks, the tone of your voice. Be confident. Eat him with your eyes! wake up his senses!

Listen to his response. Don't make him feel uncomfortable. Again, the best is to connect with him outside of the professional context, that way, things are 100% clearer.